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Call to arrange for a private tour!

We understand that life can be chaotic, so let us help support your child with a comprehensive program. The first step is SCHEDULING A TOUR. We offer tours at 12:00 noon by appointment. If this is not possible, let us know what time is convenient for you and we will do our very best to serve you well!



What is the admissions process and do you have seats available?

​​What is MSA’s Admission Process?

MSA has developed an admission process that is designed to be informative for families while providing the information necessary to determine whether MSA can meet the needs of their child. This process involves the steps of 1) Inquiry 2) Tour 3) Application 4) Intake Screening with Evaluation and 5) Determination. This is such an important decision that the fit has to be good for all parties involved!


Call to arrange for a private tour. Tours are provided at 12:00 noon by appointment. However, we understand that life can be chaotic and if this is not convenient, please let us know what time is convenient for you and we will do our very best to serve you well!


When you arrive for your tour please bring any records, evaluations, current IEP if possible. Your child is welcome to attend with you. Plan on approximately 30-45 minutes for the tour.


At the end of your tour you may request an application. The initial application is the first step in discovering whether MSA is the proper fit for your child. To initiate an application, parents and/or legal guardian/school systems must contact MSA either by telephone, in person or email and express their interest in having their child be considered for admission. Preliminary information about the child is collected as part of an initial screening. In addition, parents are informed about MSA’s philosophy, treatment approach, therapies and educational services. At this point, either the parents/family or MSA may decide not to continue.

If it is determined that a child is a possible candidate, the parent and/or legal guardian/school system is then required to provide a Student Information Packet including a completed MSA Application.  A $250 non-refundable application fee is due at this time. This information will be reviewed by the Admissions Department. Student Information Packets must contain:

A current IEP (if available)
The most recent IEP progress report (if available)
Copies of most recent assessments (medical, psychological etc.)
Diagnostic report
Immunization record & last physical (must be less than 1 year old)

In certain cases, MSA may also require an OT/PT/SLP Assessment and, for any child receiving behavioral medications, a medication history from the prescribing psychiatrist/MD.

Intake Screening

If, after review of the Student Information Packet, meeting the potential student and receipt of MSA Application, it is determined that the child may be an appropriate candidate, an appointment will be made for an intake assessment with the family and/or referral source. Both parents, regardless of marital status, are encouraged to attend the intake appointment. Extenuating circumstances preventing a parent from attending may be discussed on an individual basis.

Typically, intake screenings are scheduled for one to two hours and take place at MSA’s campus. During the assessment, MSA staff evaluates the child while the parents meet with a member of the Admissions Department. The educational, leisure, recreational, vocational and behavioral services available to all students are discussed. In addition, the consultative model of Speech/Language, OT and PT services, and Applied Behavior Analysis as well as other services and programs available through Mountaineer's Therapeutic Center are outlined.


After reviewing all information collected during the initial inquiry and intake screening, a recommendation to accept or decline a candidate for admission is made to MSA’s Executive Committee. We understand that parents and/or referral sources may be anxious to receive word of a final admission decision and, therefore, MSA makes every effort to provide both verbal and written notification as soon as possible. In some cases though, it may take up to three weeks before the final decision is made and notification is delivered.

If a child is determined to be a potential candidate and is accepted for admission, families need to be aware that it can take up to a year from the acceptance date before a student is actually admitted into a program. Student admission is based on available placement into what has been determined to be the child’s most appropriate group at the school, not on any numerical standing on the list of potential candidates.

Mountaineers School of Autism (MSA) will be open to Students with Disabilities (SWD): SLD, DD, ASD, VI, DHH/HOH and Dual Sensory Impaired in grades K-12 who would qualify to attend a public school increasing by one grade each school year up to 12th grade (or age 22).  MSA will provide Exceptional Student Education to students with a primary diagnosis falling into the category of the autism spectrum disorder and other related disabilities such as deaf hard of hearing (DHH) and vision impairment. An open admissions policy will be implemented wherein MSA will be available to any student residing within Palm Beach County. MSA maintains a racially nondiscriminatory policy as to students in the bylaws. In accordance with the Florida Educational Equity Act MSA will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability or marital status against a student in its school admission process. Any eligible student residing in Palm Beach County who submits a timely application, and whose parents accept the conditions of the Parental Involvement Contract shall be considered, unless the number of applications exceed the capacity of the program, class, grade level, or building.  Acceptance of students will be determined on a first come first served basis.  Order of acceptance will be based on the time stamp when the application was received.  If the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the program, class, grade level, or building, all applicants shall have an equal chance of being admitted through a random lottery selection process.  If the number of applications falls short of the established capacity, supplemental registration periods may be held for the purpose of reaching student capacity. For more information or questions send inquiries to maryjo@msainc.org.